Ocean Cargo

Ocean shipments make up the largest volume of PAS Cargo’s business. Our core business is cargo consolidation and we do this well. PAS’s staff is fully trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of cargo logistics. We have Industry leading Logisuite software installed across all our offices providing real time information and seamless processing and tracking of all shipments and transactions from time of receipt to final delivery at destination. One of the key differentiators is that PAS has invested in significant warehouse footprint including over 150,000 square feet of racked facilities allowing for speed, efficiency and accuracy in cargo handing; including fast receiving and staging, visible racking, easy access and loading capability for cargo. All our warehouses have state of the art surveillance and security protocols that allow for almost zero losses or missing cargo.

PAS has continuously won and kept new customers by executing the logistics fundamentals right all the time. We deliver customers cargo fast and accurately and we have a strong reputation for reliability and accuracy. These core traits are embedded in the PAS culture and permeate throughout the Organization and always providing added value and friendly service to our customers.

PAS performs the following core services routinely for Ocean cargo shipments:

Core Ocean Services:

  • Coordination with Suppliers for routing or pick up of in-bound shipments
  • Timely receiving and documentation at receiving with email of warehouse receipt auto-directed to customers
  • Liaison with customers to ensure feedback received for consolidation and routing of shipments in accordance with their instructions
  • Booking and loading of Full load (FCL) containers and Less than Container Loads (LCL) shipments to designated markets as required
  • Coordinating and spotting of FCL Containers at Suppliers locations
  • Preparing and processing all export documents and properly executing with the various Agencies involved in the transaction
  • Follow through with Ocean Carriers to ensure that shipments sail as planned and communicate with Destination agents to ensure timely arrival and communication to Consignees on cargo availability.


Ancilliary Services:

  • Shipping Documents: PAS’s staff  are fully capable of completing all the statutory documents needed to meet the regulations of the authorities in export and import Countries.
  • Hazardous Cargo: PAS has fully certified Specialists in house to inspect, document, package and comply with the regulations for handling and shipping of all types and classes of Hazardous cargo.
  • Insurance: PAS offers Insurance that will cover the replacement value of your cargo at reasonable and competitive rates. This provides peace of mind protection coverage for customers’ valuable shipments.
  • Self-propelled Vehicles: Export of Self-propelled Vehicles requires special processing and filing with US Customs, and PAS’s staff is well versed in the procedures and processes.

Inter-Modal and Projects:

  • PAS has the connections and resident expertise to deal with shipments that require transport using multiple modes. We effectively coordinate and handle the transportation and seamless transfer of large scale equipment and Out of Gauge cargo from origin location at source to the closest Port. This can involve securing of special permits for transporting over the road and for lift on-lift off at source and into the staging area for the vessel.
  • Projects- we do logistics for Major Projects; example a Construction Project from ground up lasting several months: involving multiple Suppliers, a variety of commodities and a requirement for staging and shipping on a Just in Time basis of the correct items and quantities for each stage of construction.

PAS business philosophy is to continuously examine its processes and improve in all aspects of its logistics chain- passing on these benefits to our customers.