Inland Cargo

In order to control the Logistics timeline and deliver a fast and reliable service for its customers, PAS has invested significantly in PAS Truck.

These Assets provide PAS with an ability to exercise significant control over the domestic transportation process, ensuring that cargo pick ups are effectively scheduled and coordinated to make the cut off times for booked sailings and cargo flights.

Our ERP Haulage division plays a critical role in moving containers from various shipping lines to and from PAS warehouse and the Ports. They also offer great flexibility with spotting and pick up of containers at Supplier locations for full loads.

The following are some of the major advantages that PAS can offer customers.

•    Pick up any size or weight shipment anywhere in North America at affordable costs leveraging its volume contracts and relationships with domestic Trucking companies and Carriers.
•    Dedicated department and staff for timely handling of customer requests, tracking and coordination of shipment and handover to air or ocean departments.
•    Expertise and know how in handling complex multi-modal movement of cargo and large OOG (Out of Gauge) equipment.
•    Hot trucking services for emergency time critical shipments.
•    Ability to handle all types of commodities including Hazardous materials and bonded shipments.
•    Localized pick ups and coordination with our regional offices at New York, Los Angeles and Toronto to route shipments overland to Miami when needed for expedited transit times. Scheduled truck feeder services in place to connect regular shipments.

PAS’s coordination of trucking and line haul services and expertise offer our customers a strategic advantage in ensuring their shipments are expedited in an optimal and cost effective manner.